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Store cells today to protect your health tomorrow.

Store cells today to protect your health tomorrow.

Therapies using your own cells for heart disease, leukemia and more are coming – but your cells also age every second. Save your cells and take control of your future health today.

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The future of medicine is bright.

Regenerating the heart.
Engineering patients' own immune cells to fight cancer.
Restoring eyesight using a patient's own stem cells.

The personalized medical revolution is coming. Today, there are over 800 active clinical trials investigating the use of patients' own cells to treat their conditions and diseases. With stem cell technology alone, major disease like heart disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries are moving into the clinic. As a result, health and wellness has expanded far beyond diet and exercise. Your own cells could be the key to your future health.

However, as we age, so do our cells: time, our environment, and even daily living causes damage and mutations to our cells, which could make them less effective for future use. This damage begins to accumulate during middle age, but the latest in cryotechnology can essentially halt the cellular aging process. By collecting and preserving your cells today, you'll have access to younger, healthier cells in the future.

Silene Biotech is proud to offer this technology at pharmaceutical-level quality to all consumers for an affordable price. We want to make the future of medicine accessible to everyone.

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The future of medicine is bright.

Your cells, secure and private.

These are your cells.

From the start, we separate patient information from your cells so they are anonymized during processing. After, they are stored in a secured-access offsite location. This means anyone handling your cells in the lab or during storage will not be able to trace them back to you. And since they are your cells - you get to choose what to do with them.

As we add services or treatments through our partners, we will offer them to our customers. And at any time, if you want to withdraw your cells or destroy them, you have the ability to do so. Customers also have the ability to donate a small portion of their cells for research - to contribute to finding cures and therapies for many of today's diseases.

Your cells, secure and private.

90 seconds for your future health.

Through our partnership with the premier blood banking and phlebotomy provider in the Pacific Northwest - BloodworksNW - a 90 second, low-volume blood draw is all it takes to preserve access to your future health. After, your blood is received, inspected, and processed in our FDA-registered facilities at the University of Washington. Finally, your cells are stored long-term with our biorepository provider in their secured, 60,000-square-foot facility, complete with multiple backup power generators and 24/7 temperature monitoring.

Our proprietary protocols and processes meet current Good Manufacturing Practices established by the FDA and minimize the risk of contamination. We also anonymize your samples so they can't be identified to you in the lab, but have quadruple-redundant links in our secure, HIPAA-compliant systems to ensure we never, ever lose your cells.

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