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Stem Cells are revolutionizing medicine - For Everyone.

Whether you're an active young professional, an on-the-go mother, or a lifelong distance runner, your stem cells can be used to treat specific conditions now and improve your health in the future. Today, scientists are using patients' own cells to obtain important genetic information, treat cancers, and even engineer patient specific tissues (i.e. cartilage, heart) for diagnosis, screening, regeneration and transplantation. 

Halt Cellular Aging

As we age, our cells age with us - and the aging of our cells causes many degenerative diseases. By putting your stem cells into a deep freeze, you can halt this aging process and protect your stem cells from damage.

Prevent Information Loss

Your DNA has valuable information which doctors can use to tailor personalized treatments, but our DNA also changes over time. Your frozen stem cells will also back-up your genetic information to allow for the most accurate results. 
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Access Personalized Medicine Sooner

Through our partnerships with leading institutions, our customers will be some of the first patients to access cutting edge technologies to use their own stem cells and biological information to improve their health.

How it works

Convenient, Safe and Secure FDA-Registered Stem Cell Preservation


Purchase our service, register an account and schedule your appointment online. 


Stem cell collection through a simple blood draw both at-home or at a local donor center.


Adult stem cells are are isolated from the blood and then frozen in our FDA-registered lab.

Secure Storage

Monitored and secure storage with our industry leading, FDA-registered biorepository partner

Planning for the future has never been this simple. We're the only FDA registered and compliant stem cell preservation service that works directly with consumers. 

Featured Blog Post

  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. The most promising treatments are in clinical trials currently, and I will most likely be much older when they are available for consumer/patient use. The ability to freeze my stem cells at my current age to potentially use later in life and take advantage of my younger stem cells could make a world of difference to how my body reacts to the treatment when/if it becomes available.
    — Ashlee
  • Silene Biotech has been a team of compassionate, excited, and most importantly responsive people! I thought my cells would do their thing and I might not really engage again except to renew my storage or if I needed the cells themselves. The easy engagement between the company and client fires me up.
    — Samantha
  • Heaven forbid, should I need a kidney in my golden years and that is the only thing in my way of reaching 107, I can have my own instead realizing the gig is up. I am a big believer in pushing medical research (stem cell research) forward and that personalized medicine should be accessible to all.
    — Wendy
  • Issues of health and longevity have become increasingly important to me as I've gotten older. I intend to do whatever I can to ensure that I am able to enjoy good health and a high quality of life for as long as possible.
    — Toni

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