"Ask A Scientist About": UVA & UVA Light

"Ask A Scientist About": UVA & UVA Light

Welcome back to “Ask A Scientist About”, a series created on the belief that the more you know about science, the more you can prepare for a healthier future. Each of the articles in the series will dive into complex and often confusing topics that have become increasingly important to modern health, such as how to maintain mental sharpness, what exactly is “gut health”, and how the environment affects the aging of our skin.

Boulder Pop-up Recap

Our first two day event in Boulder was a success! For everyone out there waiting with bated breath, here is a recap on just what it was like to create, schedule and implement an event that will make an impact on people’s lives and the way they will experience healthcare in the future.

Boulder is picturesque and during this fall season it presented itself as the perfect location to host a two day event including a “snack and AMA” and pop-up “shop” (allowing people to participate in preserving their cells). 

The first day was simple, educate the community about stem cells.  Our very own award winning founder, Bio-Engineer and Researcher, Alex Jiao, shared his story and insider view of regenerative medicine,  “The Next Healthcare Revolution: The Non-fiction Side of Stem Cells”.   Afterwards, we opened up this talk, an “AMA”, this was a great way to hear inspiring stories and people alike.

The second day was implementation.  As with any pop-up “shop”, this temporary space, hosted at Galvanize HQ, congregated many new customers who were able to experience freezing their stem cells through a small collection of blood.  Our impromptu pictures (below) show just how easy this was!

Our overall thoughts? Boulder was a welcoming, inspiring and an encouraging environment for such a critical emerging technology in healthcare! We've been asked to return and we plan on heading back in 2018. 




Silene takes StemFreeze on the road and we're heading to Boulder, Colorado.

We're excited to announce our first 2-day event being held at Galvanize in Boulder, Colorado

Our decision to hit the road first began with interest in the region primarily driven by Brad Feld, a local healthcare technology enthusiast and prominent member of the community. 

"As technology moves towards a future where it’s technologically possible to engineer tissues and organs from our own stem cells, backing stem cells up today can give us the best opportunity to use them when we need them."

What are we up to?

We're hosting two events:

11/28 - The Next Healthcare Revolution: The Non-Fiction Side of Stem Cells. Please join us for an afternoon "Snack and AMA" @ Galvanize on November 28th at 2pm. Silene Biotech's Award winning Founder, Bio-Engineer and Researcher shares his story and insider view of regenerative medicine. The discussion will open with a short presentation and then we’ll dive into an AMA.

If you're interested in learning more please stop by our session tomorrow. If you can't make it and still have questions please email uly@silenebiotech.com.

11/29 - Stem Cell Preservation "StemFreeze" Pop-up @ Galvanize from 11am-4pm. If interested, please sign up here and compete the registration to ensure you secure one of our limited appointments. 

Team Silene. 



Huffington Post: How the Future of Disease Diagnosis is Accessibility

Huffington Post: How the Future of Disease Diagnosis is Accessibility

Huffington Post contributor Larry Alton talks about the challenges faced in medical diagnosis and how personalized medicine technologies might help to overcome some of the more significant hurdles. Highlighted are the groundbreaking technologies of both Silene Biotech and 23andMe. Additionally, Larry touches on the impacts of personalized medicine on women's health.

Viacyte Treatment for Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes affects more than 1 million people in the United States. In these patients, the immune system attacks and kills the beta cells in the pancreas which produce the insulin necessary to regulate blood sugar. Without these cells, patients must inject doses of insulin to control their blood sugar and carefully monitor what they eat. 

Go With Your Gut

The interaction between the various organs and cell types the liver and colon the focus of research in both health and disease. Recently, two labs from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have developed tools that will greatly benefit the study of these important organs.