Huffington Post: How the Future of Disease Diagnosis is Accessibility

Huffington Post featured Silene Biotech as a service solving for accessibility in hopes of building a healthier future!

"The medical profession has long realized that stem cells could someday be the key to treating everything from cancer to heart disease. That day is soon approaching and in some cases it has already arrived. Today, the promise of regenerative and personalized medicine is a reality. Healthy stem cells are already being used to essentially “repair” deteriorating building blocks in our body.

Right now, as more and more therapies show promise in clinical trials - patients in need are forced to seek out alternatives to using their own stem cells such as stem cell transplantation (using another individual’s healthy stem cells). Why is this happening? Consumers are generally reactive instead of proactive. They haven’t preserved their own stem cells yet.

To solve this, Silene Biotech launched the only FDA-registered and fully compliant direct-to-consumer stem cell preservation service that eliminates the need for a costly, invasive outpatient procedure. Silene Biotech helps people store their stem cells, and requires only a simple blood draw that can be done at home or at a partner donor center."

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