Silene takes StemFreeze on the road and we're heading to Boulder, Colorado.

We're excited to announce our first 2-day event being held at Galvanize in Boulder, Colorado

Our decision to hit the road first began with interest in the region primarily driven by Brad Feld, a local healthcare technology enthusiast and prominent member of the community. 

"As technology moves towards a future where it’s technologically possible to engineer tissues and organs from our own stem cells, backing stem cells up today can give us the best opportunity to use them when we need them."

What are we up to?

We're hosting two events:

11/28 - The Next Healthcare Revolution: The Non-Fiction Side of Stem Cells. Please join us for an afternoon "Snack and AMA" @ Galvanize on November 28th at 2pm. Silene Biotech's Award winning Founder, Bio-Engineer and Researcher shares his story and insider view of regenerative medicine. The discussion will open with a short presentation and then we’ll dive into an AMA.

If you're interested in learning more please stop by our session tomorrow. If you can't make it and still have questions please email

11/29 - Stem Cell Preservation "StemFreeze" Pop-up @ Galvanize from 11am-4pm. If interested, please sign up here and compete the registration to ensure you secure one of our limited appointments. 

Team Silene.