Techstars Wrap-up: A Letter from Alex

Winnie Leung, Alex Jiao and Uly Rivera

Winnie Leung, Alex Jiao and Uly Rivera

12 weeks ago, we started the Techstars Seattle program. Last Wednesday, it culminated in our Demo Night, where we took the stage with one of our early customers and shared our vision of personalized medicine with the world. The program was a rigorous and intense 12 weeks – and the final month was as stressful as prepping for my PhD dissertation, but in the end I’m proud of all that we accomplished in the program. To those of you wondering what our experience was like, read on.

Many of the first weeks of the program were very structured. We spent a week refining our initial pitch and idea, as well as identifying key metrics to optimize for our business. We then spent a week meeting dozens of mentors in the Seattle area, some of whom have been integral for our business development, marketing, messaging, and introductions to other intelligent and motivated people. I truly believe that the main value of many accelerator programs is the network – the people I met, and the people they subsequently introduced me to – have helped both myself and the business grow in ways impossible without Techstars. The following weeks, we met with Techstars strategic partners and then focused on building our business.

Through these meetings, we began to explore collaborations and opportunities to build and develop technology in addition to offering our cell preservation service. These opportunities are very promising and we’re planning our next steps – I wish I could say more but these discussions and plans are still under wraps. Our mission has always been to not only preserve our customers’ cells for future use, but to push the field forward and accelerate the development of technology that can use our own cells. To this end, we’re now also focused on being an active player in this space.

Since Techstars started, we’ve refined our protocols, implement a full Quality Assurance program, and register with the FDA to ensure oversight on our processes and infrastructures. We’ve completely redone our website and have (hopefully) streamlined the user experience. We’ve also begun discussions with partners, such as major healthcare providers and research institutions in Washington, to begin to expand services and develop new technology. We’re looking to expand our reach to additional Bloodworks Northwest locations soon - we’re working hard to deliver on our promise of affordable and accessible cell preservation for all.

After Techstars, we’re starting to raise additional investments for expansion and we will continue to deliver our cell preservation service as we move ahead on certain collaborations. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with us and you’ll stay updated throughout. If you believe in our vision of the future, please talk to your friends and family about what we’re doing – and there’s a huge discount on our lifetime service that you can talk to Uly about if anyone’s interested.

Thank you so much for believing in us.

All the best,