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How well is your body aging?

Cellular age testing provides a detailed profile of your cellular health and biological age.

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Indicator of your health

The length of our telomeres decreases when our cells are replaced due to stress or damage. As a result, telomere length and decline is a great marker for "cell age", which is independent of our chronological age.

Predict health risk factors

If you lead an unhealthy or stressful lifestyle, your cells age faster. Older cell age is correlated with a number of other risk factors for our health, including risk of death from cancers, heart disease, and even lifespan.

Change your rate of aging

But just because we all age, doesn't mean we can't do so gracefully - your telomere length isn't "locked in" for life. By modifying your lifestyle and behaviors, you can slow down the shortening of your telomeres.

Telomere Lenght Main
The Patient Telomere Score is calculated based on the patient’s average telomere length. This average is then compared to telomere lengths from a population sample in the same age range as the patient to determine the patient’s percentile score.

Uly, 31 year old

"Active Ultimate Frisbee Coach"

Uly Telomere Results

An above average telomere score (10.43) in the 94th percentile.

Alex, 30 year old

"Stressed Startup Founder"

Alex Telomere results

A below average telomere score (8.1) in the 49th percentile.

Cell Age Testing and StemFreeze

Aging is inevitable. Our stem cells age with us and become less effective over time. Preserving your cells today is the only way of accessing your younger, healthier stem cells in the future. But just because you're aging doesn't mean you can't do so gracefully. By analyzing your cell age, you can also make informed decisions about your future health today. Combining preservation and cell age analysis is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the future.



Purchase the StemFreeze (Premium or Concierge) service and schedule a blood draw at a partner location or at your home or office.



A trained phlebotomist draws your blood per the Silene Biotech protocol, collecting high quality stem cells in 90 seconds.



Your blood is sent to the FDA-registered lab, where your stem cells are concentrated, packaged, and frozen. A sample of your blood is reserved for telomere testing.



The length of the telomeres in your cells are measured using a state-of-the-art technique (quantitative polymerase chain reaction or qPCR). This method measures the average telomere length of the cells in your blood.



Our customers will have an opportunity to participate in a free consultation with award winning M.D. Dr. Myles Spar via teleconference. Together you will go through the results as well as any additional testing/insight that may need to be done to come up with a tailored plan for healthy aging. Results are typically available within 10-14 business days. HIPAA aware: Electronic delivery system is completely confidential and secure.


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