Planning for the future has never been this simple. 

We feel everyone will have an opportunity to benefit from having access to young stem cells in the future and it begins with preservation today.

  • Accessible- Stem cell collection through a simpleblood draw that can be done at home or at a partnerdonor center.
  • Affordable- Our approach eliminates the need for acostly outpatient procedure.  
  • Approachable- It's easier than donating blood. A short, non-invasive, simple procedure.
I decided to preserve my cells under the strong but very sincere recommendation of my Mom, Wendy. I can speak for my mom when I say that we believe and we recommend Silene because we believe in the promise and potential of utilizing ones own stem cells as a viable method to treat or even cure a variety of ailments.

More simply put, we believe that SB is a integral part in the future of personalized medicine.

As I’ve joined my mom in cell preservation; it is our goal to have my brother do the same.
— Chandler