Planning for the future has never been this simple. 

Our customers are forward thinking and are taking action towards a healthier future today.

We feel everyone will have an opportunity to benefit from having access to young stem cells in the future and it begins with preservation.

Applications include:

Age related concerns & ailments

  • Noticelable changes in skin, hair , muscle and bone composition

History of sports injury

  • ACL tears, long distance runners, muscle and joint pain

high risk of disease onset

  • Genetic risk for certain cancers, e.g. BRCA1/2 positive.

family history of a specific disease

  • Heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer. 


  • Stem cell collection through a simple blood draw that can be done at home or at a partner donor center.


  • Our approach eliminates the need for a costly outpatient procedure.  


  • It's easier than donating blood. A short, minimally invasive, simple procedure.

I decided to preserve my cells under the strong but very sincere recommendation of my Mom, Wendy. I can speak for my mom when I say that we believe and we recommend Silene because we believe in the promise and potential of utilizing ones own stem cells as a viable method to treat or even cure a variety of ailments.

More simply put, we believe that SB is a integral part in the future of personalized medicine.

As I’ve joined my mom in cell preservation; it is our goal to have my brother do the same.
— Chandler