Deanna is a three-time cancer survivor, warrior, and firm believe of the future of medicine.

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan magazine, Deanna

Deanna has beaten a rare form of liver cancer 3 times. She's had 2 liver resections, 2 rounds of chemotherapy, 1 round of failed experimental immunotherapy, and finally underwent a transplant to remove and replace her cancerous liver. But if it wasn't for the courage of her cousin, who volunteered to be her living donor, Deanna would be last on the liver transplant waiting list, and possibly still waiting for a new liver today. And even though she's cancer-free, Deanna will be on immunosuppressants for the rest of her life.

Preparing for the future by saving your stem cells today is important for all of us.

My case is the perfect example of the use of this technology. Unless your tumor is affecting organ function, you don't receive special treatment on the transplant wait list. I'm lucky that the liver is regenerative and that we can use living donors, but they need to have matching blood types and be super healthy. A full transplant was suggested after the first remission, but I went with chemotherapy. If we ever can grow our own organs in the future, a transplant would have been an easy choice. - Deanna, age 28


Our vision of the future:

Deanna is a close friend of one of the Silene Biotech cofounders - Alex - and shares his love of biology and medicine. Before dropping out of a pre-med curriculum to instead focus on writing, Deanna took her fair share of chemistry and biology classes. She believes in stem cell technology and the future of medicine. By using using patients' own cells, Deanna believes that personalized therapies will be developed to target and fight cancers and regenerate tissues. 

Imagine a world where your own cells can be used to regenerate or treat your own body. Instead of multiple rounds of chemo and experimental therapies, instead of waiting months for a transplant living with a cancerous liver, Deanna could have used her own cells to regrow her own organs. This technology may seem years off - but improvements in the field are being made every day. Hopefully, the days of broad-based and brutal chemotherapy are numbered.

So while these technologies are being developed, we want to provide access to cell preservation to everyone. By preserving your cells, you can halt the aging and mutation process and access your cells in the future. And by storing younger, healthier cells today, you give yourself the best opportunity to use them later. Deanna - and Silene Biotech - believe in the future of personalized medicine.

Ready for the future of personalized medicine?