Cell Preservation For Your Family


Therapies using your own cells for heart disease, leukemia, and more are in trials – but your cells also age every second, becoming less safe and effective for future use. Your families personalized medicine platform starts by storing your cells today.

You as an adult are still viable to have your cells preserved but the benefits to your children are even greater. It is never too late to preserve your cells but the younger you’re able to do so the better. New parents storing cord blood as a form of insurance for their children’s future. You can take the same precautionary actions with your older children today. Perhaps you were unable to opt in for cord blood banking due to unavailability, lack of information at the time, or the cost.

The initial cost of Silene cell preservation is the processing fee of $399 and storage fees of $50 per year. Compare this to the initial cost of Cord blood banking which averages around $2,000 with subsequent storage fees of about $200 per year.

*The first year of storage is free

By preserving the cells of your entire family, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you and your family have access to this technology, if need be, in the future.

Be sure to inquire about our Family Preservation discount by contacting us at contact@silenebiotech.com or schedule a call here and we’ll contact you!

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