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Mitigate Risk

70% of people's stem cells carry a mutation by age 70 [1]. Backing stem cells up today can give us the best opportunity to use them when we need them in the future.


Cutting-Edge Science

Genetically engineered immune cells, stem cell therapies, and tissue engineering are exciting technologies showing promise in clinical trials which can utilize your younger, healthier cells.


Safe and Secure

Our processes, protocols and industry-leading storage partners meet current FDA guidelines, with samples stored securely and privately for our customers.


Customer First

We've designed our service with our customers in mind, creating a comfortable, minimally-invasive procedure which is quick, affordable and convenient.

What others are saying

"I was excited about Alex’s notion that “backing up” our cells and stem cells could be a valuable tool for improving and extending our health in the near future [...] As technology moves towards a future where it’s technologically possible to engineer tissues and organs from our own stem cells, backing stem cells up today can give us the best opportunity to use them when we need them. I love the idea of backing up my stem cells."
- Brad Feld // Foundry Group
“As a biohacker with the goal of living a long, healthy, and happy life, I can now sleep deeper knowing my stem cells are backed up for my entire lifespan. I hope I won’t need them, but if I do I’ll be ecstatic on the day I have to request a “withdrawal.” Can’t wait to get my parents to do it!"
- Wesley // Biohacker

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