StemFreeze by Silene

Collect, isolate and store your stem cells conveniently with a 90 second blood draw using our FDA-registered partners and facilities. Currently available in downtown Seattle.

Towards our vision of offering stem cell technology to everyone to improve their health, we will work with customers to offer flexible plans and bundles.


One-time processing fee: $500 
Storage fee: $100/yr


One-time fee: $1,500
Storage fee: none

from 500.00

The StemFreeze service includes blood collection at our downtown Seattle partner donor site, stem cell isolation via our FDA-registered labs, and long term storage with our FDA-compliant partners. We offer two plans:

Annual: $500 upfront processing fee, $100 annual storage fee
Lifetime: $1,500 upfront processing fee, no annual storage fee

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Not in Seattle? We're expanding operations to a select few cities. Add your name and location to the waitlist below and be the first to know when StemFreeze is live in your city.