Our Cell Preservation Service

90 seconds for your future. 

Our service is an affordable and quick pharmaceutical-grade blood draw, which we process in our FDA-registered facility. Blood has a number of advantage over other tissues: there's millions of cells per milliliter of blood, and blood can be collected and processed in a closed system, reducing the risk of contamination. We spent a year optimizing proprietary protocols to bring you the most clinically-relevant cell preservation service at the most affordable price: our processing costs only $399 and the storage costs are $50 after the first year, cheaper than any other cell preservation service. We also offer a lifetime option with a one time payment.

Your cells, safe and private.

These are your cells. From the start, we separate patient information from your cells so they are anonymized during processing. After, they are stored in a secured-access offsite location. This means anyone handling your cells in the lab or during storage will not be able to trace them back to you. And since they are your cells - you get to choose what to do with them. As we add services or treatments through our partners, we will offer them to our customers. And at any time, if you want to withdraw your cells or destroy them, you have the ability to do so.

Coming Soon: Personalized Drug Screening

Are you concerned about the potential side effects of drugs or therapies that you're taking or will be taking soon? If so, we'd love to hear from you. We're currently recruiting customers to beta test a new service we're developing that can provide information to you and your doctor about drug effects on your body. Please contact us using the form below.

Our promise to you: the Silene way.

Silene Biotech is named after a plant - Silene stenophylla - that was brought back to life after being frozen for 32,000 years. Your own cells could be the seeds of your future health. Our mission is to deliver cutting edge but scientifically-grounded biotechnology to consumers, and we always put our customers first. 

We are not developing cell therapies at this time, but we want to partner with you to accelerate the development of these technologies: customers can choose to donate a small portion of their cells anonymously to contribute to the progress of medical science, or to opt-in to receive information on clinical trials or studies that are relevant or interesting to you. We promise to always be transparent with how we use your data and cells, as well as where the state of the technology is and any new services that come online. Every customer has direct access to a core member of the Silene team if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

This is your chance to participate in the beginning of truly personalized medicine.