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Stem Cells are the Answer

Stem cells are your bodies' master building blocks that are responsible for repairing tissues and organs throughout your life.

New breakthroughs in medicine have given stem cells the ability to treat age-related disease to improve your quality of life and may even allow you to live a longer and healthier life.

Why Now?

  • Preserving your stem cells now can protect your future
  • Time is NOT on your side - your stem cells age
  • Lower costs - same incredible quality

StemFreeze - affordable, accessible and simple.

Why Stem Freeze?

Waiting may be the difference between tapping into cutting edge cures or not having access to the best options available against heart disease, alzheimer's, and other debilitating diseases in the future, when you'll need them most.

Therapies Today

Doctors are currently using patient cells in cutting edge treatments for leukemia and lymphoma and more are coming in the near future

Your Age Matters

Due to aging, up to 70% of the population's cells may not be suitable for personalized therapeutic use as you get older - start now

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