Stem Cell Preservation is for You

You’re the Everyday Healthy Consumer

You're healthy and not concerned about any specific disease - and that's just fine! By banking your younger and healthier stem cells today, we stop them from aging. This allows you to access your cells in the future, when you might need them the most.

Chronic Illness Runs in Your Family

Many of us have a family history of one or many conditions. We've seen first-hand the importance of preventative and personalized medicine. By banking your cells today, not only can you take preventative action against your family conditions, but you can also further the field of medicine by opting into scientific research.

You have Chronic Illness

Stem cells are currently limited to treating a few specific conditions today - but doctors and scientists are making strides every day to relieve you of your pain and ailments. Preserving your stem cells now will give you more opportunities and a path to personalized therapies in the future.