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The StemFreeze Steps


StemFreeze Step 1
Purchase the StemFreeze service and book a blood draw at a partner location or at your home or office.


StemFreeze Step 2
A trained phlebotomist draws your blood per the Silene Biotech protocol, collecting high quality stem cells in 90 seconds.


StemFreeze Step 3
Your blood is sent to our FDA-registered labs, where your stem cells are concentrated, packaged, and frozen.


StemFreeze Step 4
Your frozen stem cells are then shipped to our storage partners, where they are kept safely and securely until you need them.

Putting you first

At Silene Biotech, we're committed to advancing the field of medicine through credible science with a focus on our patients and customers. We've developed and streamlined processes to offer you the most convenient, affordable, and credible stem cell preservation service.


Bone marrow is invasive, costly, and old science. Using blood allows for a simpler collection process: book an appointment at one of our partner locations or at your home or office.


By using newer technology in the lab, we've cut out expensive labor and equipment, resulting in a more affordable service. Our plans start at $500 upfront and $50 annually.


We're focused on credible science: we have built out our own labs,  developed an FDA-compliant process and registered with the FDA to ensure we meet current regulatory standards.


Our Trusted Partners and Organizations 


Accessing your cells: an overview

Cell therapies are around the corner - here's how your cells could be used to repair your body.



Your younger stem cells are retrieved from our storage partners and are in a more optimal format for cell therapy.



Your stem cells are then shipped to a cell processing facility at ultra-low temperatures with all necessary documentation.



Your stem cells are expanded, processed and turned into a cell therapy per protocols approved by the FDA.



A doctor who is trained to deliver the therapy per FDA guidelines treats you using your personalized cell therapy.

StemFreeze: safe, secure, and yours


Your cells are fully yours: after processing, we maintain the custodianship of your cells while our partners maintain the physical storage. As a result, your cells are always available to you for retrieval, donation or destruction. Should you wish to use your cells, we are also available to consult about the available technologies or therapies to you. And finally, as a contingency, we can always transfer custodianship of your own cells to you for management.


The security of your cells is critical to us. After collection, your cells are always kept in secured-access facilities and are processed in a further secured, private lab. Our storage partners are monitored via closed-circuit cameras and are also only accessible via card access. But it's not just security of the access that we've thought about - the stability of the storage of your cells is also important. Your cells are kept at an incredibly low temperature, -321°F, which halts the aging process. The storage containers are continuously temperature monitored, with alarms and staff alerts should the temperatures rise. The temperature of these containers can be maintained for days should power be interrupted - but even then, our storage partners have ample backup power and are connected to an infrastructure power grid. Finally, we also keep a portion of your cells in a separate geographic location as a final contingency.



Your privacy is important to us. After collection, your cells are deidentified. This means no personally-identifiable information is available on the containers of your cells. The specific location of the storage of your cells is also kept privately, making it impossible for anyone to locate your cells without this information. And all this data is kept in a secure, encrypted database with limited personnel access. We do collect information on our customers to personalize your experience, improve the website, and determine which potential new services or partnerships may be valuable for our customers. However, we will not use any personally identifiable information without your explicit consent.


The stem cell world is full of unsubstantiated claims and misinformation. To combat this and help advance the field, we're committed to credible advancements in science and medicine. Towards this, we follow FDA guidelines and requirements for handling cell and tissue products. We also adhere to FDA practices on handling and preparing cells for use in cell therapy. We've even registered our lab with the FDA, and our experience in the field of cell therapy will allow us to integrate your cells with the development of cutting edge therapies while adhering to regulatory and government guidelines. It's more costly to do so, but it's imperative that whomever is processing your stem cells understands and follows the FDA guidelines to do so, otherwise there could be regulatory concerns in the future.

Silene Biotech does not provide stem cell therapy nor do we provide medical advice. We also strongly recommend you consult your doctor regarding the use of your stem cells for therapies that have not undergone clinical trials and have not received FDA approval for their use.

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