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StemFreeze: stem cell preservation for adults

Providing you with the opportunity to access your younger and healthier stem cells for when you need them in the future. 

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By preserving your stem cells today, you can halt the aging process - and your cells will be at their youngest and most vibrant for use in future therapies, if ever needed. To learn more about the mechanics of cellular aging, click here to download our free Cellular Aging Guide.

A medical revolution is underway: using stem cells instead of drugs to treat disease

Today, there are hundreds of therapies being developed to treat all kinds of conditions including neurological, heart disease, spinal cord injuries, and macular degeneration - with many more still in development.


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The StemFreeze Advantage

StemFreeze is the first minimally invasive, affordable, and all-in-one service for stem cell banking.

Convenient Collection

Stem cells are collected through a low-volume blood draw, taking only 90 seconds. Your blood is then sent to our FDA-registered laboratory for processing.

Safe and Secure Storage

All samples are de-identified during processing to protect your privacy. Cells are stored at -321°F in a highly monitored and secured-access facility. 

Seamless Retrieval

We'll keep you updated with advances in the field, and your stem cells can be accessed at any point by contacting StemFreeze Customer Service.

Don't wait to protect your future.

 In partnership with Young Professionals of Seattle, we're offering StemFreeze at a 30% discount to kick-off your 2019 with a healthy start. Offer expires on January 31, 2019. 

$500 $350
One-time processing fee
$50 annual storage fee
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